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Revitalising the Beverage Sector – future opportunities around health, sustainability, and quality

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A presentation examining evolving need states in the beverage industry from an ingredient perspective and how brands can capitalize on this through formulation and storytelling.
• Consumption in a variety of product categories is driven by routine and inertia, which can increase price sensitivity
• Brands can tap into the wider need states to make consumption more considered – focusing on health, sustainability, and quality
• Increased attentiveness to ingredient listings means that transparency, simplicity, and functionality are influencing product choices
• Concerns about the environment are resulting in people making greater efforts to evaluate the sustainability credentials of brands
• Storytelling and novelty can be used to enhance perceptions of premium and offer a genuine experience
• In a crowded market, brand identity is more important than ever, and brands need to leverage these touchpoints to create stand out appeal

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Mike Hughes

FMCG Gurus