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Practical Steps a Beverage Business Can Put In Place On the Path Towards Net Zero

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The first step to cutting energy and carbon is to properly understand how we use energy, and generate waste, within our business. In measuring and reporting these things, we can ensure that subsequent practical steps are prioritised and targeted towards achieving the greatest impact.

The first ten percent or so energy and carbon savings will come from simple behaviour change and better process management, so communicating with our workforce, and ensuring that Management is fully aligned with our aims, is clearly the vital first step.

Thereafter, we start to look to technology to help us save energy. The hierarchy of investment is usually reducing energy use followed by alternative forms of generation. We will examine thermal insulation, water and compressed air leakage avoidance, lighting, motor and pumps controls and heat recovery, before examining generating energy on site from renewables – solar PV, biomass heating, heat pumps and so on.

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Ewan Bent

Cleantech Business Group