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Britvic Soft Drinks Presentation Summary

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Claire Green and Lee Cannon, Category Managers at Britvic will be presenting the 2018 Britvic Soft Drinks Review, focusing on taking insights into action at the point of purchase. In the session Britvic will be taking a look at the out of home channel and the key consumer trends emerging and impacting soft drinks within the foodservice and licensed environment today and tomorrow, including health, premiumisation, personalisation and immediacy., How have these trends translated in the marketplace? And how will they play out in the future?

Really importantly, the session will provide a clear roadmap for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to work together to shape up for the best possible channel growth and success by proactively responding to what consumers seek at point of purchase through right range, offer, experience and category activation. Claire and Lee’s presentation will offer attendees a snapshot of the report, with time for Q&A, with the full, highly anticipated annual is housed on the Britvic Soft Drinks website for those within the grocery, convenience & impulse and foodservice & licensed sectors to access at any time.

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Lee Cannon