Who owns the kit?

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The current system of shared access to dispense equipment has served the industry well, but much has changed. Principally, many new brewers/cider makers supplying the on trade and turnover of brands on the bar is becoming greater. Also, consumer demand for choice requires the provision of a range of draught beer brands on the bar. The brewer owning and maintaining the primary cooling and gas pressure system tends to have the greatest number of dispense taps on the bar; however makes the systems available for others to dispense their Brands. To ensure all Brewers are represented on the Bar the Brand Dispense Association proposes a widely communicated system that applies to the industry as a whole – accessing a “shared infrastructure”. Industry bodies including the BBPA, BFBI, BDA and IFBTLG support the need for an openly transparent scheme that applies to all users and is reasonable and fair. A scheme that fairly recovers costs to those who invest
in technical services to maintain a safe system of dispense which is good for pubs + good for quality draught and consumer choice. Are all brewers & retailers in the shared dispense infrastructure aware of their responsibilities?

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Wednesday 15th June 2016


Iain Ramage, Head of Technical Support Brand Dispense & Chairperson of Brands Dispense Association & Chris Smith, Heineken

Brands Dispense Association & Heineken

Iain has been in the industry for 36 years, starting as a Brewer with Tennent Caledonian Breweries Ltd and Bass Brewers. He is a “Master Brewer” and has held various Brewing roles, Quality Control, Supplier Contract Management and Technical Services Field Management roles before moving to AB InBev. He is currently responsible for AB InBev’s Technical Specifications & Technical Development and Leads a Team to manage AB InBev’s Supplier Contracts including On Trade Technical Services . He is Chairman of the Brands Dispense Association (BDA UK Brewers agreement: AB InBev, Accolade, Carlsberg, Heineken, and Molson Coors) Technical Committee, and sits on the BDA Steering Group, BBPA Joint Industry Dispense Group and BIIAB Steering Group.

The BDA also liaises with the BFBI on Technical specifications, and Health & Safety matters in relation to installations and maintenance / service of dispense equipment.

Chris has been in the industry working for Heineken in the UK for 23 years. During this time he has worked in several different functions including manufacturing where he was a Packaging Team Leader at both our Berkshire and Manchester Breweries. Chris was also Packaging Manager at the Manchester Brewery for 6 years. He also spent some time within the distribution business as well as a two years in human Resources. More recently undertaking a project management role within the On Trade in particular Draught Quality and Dispense where he is currently managing the roll out of Smart dispense along with several other dispense led innovation projects.