Water – the most important part of your beer

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Out of all the parameters of the brewing process, water has the largest influence on how your beer will taste in the end. How much do you know about your water? Is your source water always the same or does it change depending on weather and other conditions? How does it affect the taste of your beer and can you do anything about it to get a different ‘profile’ of your beer? Join our seminar to get answers to many water related questions. We will be discussing what minerals to pay attention to (such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfate and more), how they can affect the taste and brewing process, what can you do about it every time before making your beer and how to avoid costly revelations that your fresh brew doesn’t quite taste like you had intended in the beginning.

Seminar Area 2

Thursday 16th June 2016


Maris Egle, Operations Manager

ITS Europe