Valves: A selection guide

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Correct valve selection and the effects of valve selection to your bottom line. Eliminating contamination risk. New innovations in Valve Technology.

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Wednesday 15th June 2016


Ike Topselvi, Hygenic Products Manager

Dixon Group

It’s not every year a company can celebrate 100 years of business, so Dixon are proud to be one of those few. Founded in 1916 Dixon has grown to become a world leading manufacturer of hose fittings and related accessories for all industries.

Over the last 30 years Dixon has significantly extended its range of Valves, Fittings and Couplings for the Hygienic markets through product development and acquisition.

Dixon offers a full range of stainless steel hygienic fittings, hoses and valves for use in the food, dairy, beverage, brewery, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Dixon’s Hygienic Product Manager speaks about correct valve selection, the effects of valve selection to your bottom line, eliminating contamination risk and new innovations in valve technology.

By choosing the correct design and specification of valve for a process can save costs, reduce downtimes and minimise product loss or contamination. Dixon can advise on factors including the most effective seat material to the correct mounting considerations of an actuator, which can affect the wear and tear on a valve and in turn create problems with contamination and reduce a valve’s life cycle.