The technical challenges of developing novel beverages

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Growth of novel beverages, including beers and ciders with added soft drinks; fruit juices; concentrates and botanicals, has created a number of technical challenges. These include product colloidal stability issues, the introduction of new microbial flora and poorly understood pasteurisation requirements. This talk will briefly outline the work conducted at Campden BRI in this area.

Seminar Area 2

Wednesday 15th June 2016


Chris Rice, Project Scientist

Camden BRI

Chris Rice (B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D) works as a Project Research Scientist as part of the microbiology team at Campden BRI (Nutfield). Prior to working at Campden BRI, Chris completed his Doctoral studies and a post-doctoral position at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, UK, studying the molecular mechanisms underpinning growth and virulence in Salmonella. Chris joined Campden BRI in 2014, during which time he has been involved in various projects such as haze troubleshooting in novel alcoholic beverages, yeast microbiology, optimization of pasteurisation regimes of novel beverages and control and prevention of biofilms during beer dispense.