Keg Products, taking on the mantle of quality

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Have you ever ordered a pint only to find out that its below standard and certainly not the way the brewer intended it to be. Who do you blame? The pub, the beer, the brewer, the equipment. Most customers will point the finger at the brewery, but as most brewers know the beer leaves them in perfect condition, it’s normally in the pub cellar where things go wrong. Brewers that brew cask beer are very much at the mercy of the landlord and how they look after the beer in their pub. The equipment for dispense is fairly simple and as long as it is kept clean there is not much that can go wrong. Most problems are down to poor process and these can be addressed with some basic cellar training. Craft keg products are a completely different proposition and the end point quality can be hugely influenced by the equipment used to dispense the products. Coolers, dispense gases, pumps, fob detectors, pythons, fonts and glassware can all have a detrimental effect on the beer and that’s before you start to consider the training required to correctly operate the systems. The presenter has been in the industry for a number of years in various dispense roles and will discuss what new brewers into the market need to consider to ensure that their beer reaches the consumer in the way they intended and how organisations like the NTLG can help to support them as they begin to take on more of the quality mantle and start to better understand the cost to sell.

Seminar Area 2

Wednesday 15th June 2016


Ian Olner, Draught Technical / Quality Manager at Miller Brands

National Technical Liaison Group (NTLG)