Introducing automation – Getting started FV control / flow & volume measurement

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The objective for this seminar is to tackle the perception of complexity & cost that is ‘automation’. I will cover control options used across this sector starting at ‘no automation’ through to dedicated Brewery solutions typically implemented by large regional Breweries e.g. BrewDog, Hall & Woodhouse, Purity, as well as the what is ‘Brewery / Process automation’? The second part of this seminar session will illustrate an automation road map starting with simply pre-configured & cost effective fermentation control that can be grown in small cost-effective increments as FV capacity increases. This road map will cover how this platform can be grown to incorporate the management and record keeping when investing in metering or the addition of temperature control in other parts of the brewery. I will also cover the wider considerations & requirement in respect to accessing your automation layer via the internet or mobile phone as well as the visualisation options e.g. what, why & how much? This session will conclude with what the next step in the automation road maps looks like and how it should retain and build on the entry level investment and process developments realised by the business

Seminar Area 2

Thursday 16th June 2016


Sara Nichols, Enterprise Sales Executive


When I joined Siemens UK food & beverage team at Siemens I set out to continue its long term association with the Brewing industry by supporting the functional requirements and price points demanded by the new wave of passionate and innovative brewer’s hand crafting small batches of specialist beers. With time spent talking & listening to these Brewers, together we’ve developed a solution to support the control requirements for consistency and repeatability of the fermentation process whilst delivering all the add-on functionality on their wish list of remote access, data logging and ‘app’ support at affordable price. This doesn’t limit the level of automation that a brewer can undertake, but provides a starting point and building block approach to enable the technology platform to grow with the desires and aspirations of the Brewer.