Energy Saving: The hidden opportunity

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Pumps keep the world moving and are all around us currently consuming 10% of global electricity, but most are needlessly inefficient? Grundfos intends to change this. Almost every organisation today faces the challenges of increasing environmental obligations and rising energy costs. Wherever liquid needs to be supplied, processed, or removed, there are infinite pump applications and they require huge amounts of electricity to keep them going. Advances in motor, hydraulic and control technology mean that often these pumps are using 30-50% more energy than they need to, resulting in higher costs and environmental impact. Grundfos incorporate these advances today, meaning we can help organisations meet energy challenges – now. Energy typically accounts for 85% of the lifetime costs of a pump and purchase price only 5%, making it frequently viable to upgrade or modify systems within a payback of around 2 years. We recognise that any investment decision needs supporting by hard data. Establishing the current and potential efficiency of pumping solutions is complex and why Grundfos have developed a wide range of tools to accurately assess pump system performance. Combined with our detailed knowledge of lifetime costs of pump ownership, we can make quantified recommendations regarding steps to address inefficiencies, quantify potential savings and reduce energy use. Whether your priority is cost reduction, CO2 reduction, water usage reduction or simply receiving advice on your current installations we have the tools expertise and integrity to deliver.

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Thursday 16th June 2016


Emily Dove, Sales Development Manager

Grundfos Pumps