Discover how optimising your production line setup can unlock up to 10% OEE improvement!

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We’ll let you into a secret: ineffective production line balance and control is the most overlooked OEE waste! In our 15 years of helping manufacturers improve this is the area that is least well understood and yet it is simple to apply and delivers quick-win sustainable improvement without capital expenditure. The proven Line Balance Optimisation principles deliver guaranteed improvement in production line performance. Join us to find out how to optimise the set-up of your automated accumulation production line in order to achieve a sustainable step change in performance improvement. Line Balance Optimisation is the process of optimising line performance through the effective use of automation & control philosophies. Your production line control can be improved when:

  • You’re running a “Traditional V-Curve” production line
  • Human interaction of machines is required during stop – start process
  • Your accumulation conveyors are often full of product during stable running
  • There are start-up delays between machines

By working towards achieving ‘Perfect Flow’ and implementing the process of Line Balance Optimisation you can improve the performance of a production line by up to 10%. Learn how this can be achieved with little to no investment and no change of behaviours.

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Wednesday 15th June 2016


Samir Shah, Lead Consultant

Lineview Solutions

Samir is a chartered engineer and a manufacturing operations improvement expert with over 15 years of site operations experience gained by working in industry and consulting in operational excellence and continuous improvement to some of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

He is an expert in data analysis and identifying loss in manufacturing environments and able to translate that into opportunities for improvement. Has the ability of analysing production facilities and pinpointing areas that will contribute to the most value added improvements quickly.

Samir has the ability to lead, coach and motivate other team members to achieve the desired goals. He does this by setting an example demonstrated by the passion in helping others achieve their improvement targets. This coupled with skills in lean manufacturing, six sigma and theory of constraints enables him to be very effective in process improvement and change management.


We provide cutting edge systems to improve manufacturing efficiency, from single machine to full enterprise-wide performance data capture and visualisation. Coupled with our operations consultants, we help manufacturers deliver more from their existing equipment and people. We specialise in identifying True Causal Loss and implementing sustainable performance improvement.