Beverages + boreholes = £ benefits

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Water supply boreholes can provide water at a fraction of the cost of a mains water supply, however, like any other engineering asset, they need to be maintained and managed to provide reliable, life-long service. Understanding how boreholes work and how they need to be operated is essential for anyone managing an existing borehole, or considering the development of a new borehole source. To maximise borehole efficiency and minimise down time and running costs, operators need to collect basic performance data. In this presentation we will show you what you need to monitor and how.

Seminar Area 2

Thursday 16th June 2016


Dr Phil Ham, Director

Envireau Water

Phil is a Principal Hydrogeologist with 15 years’ professional experience working with natural water systems, specialising in the development, management and rehabilitation of new and existing independent water supplies, as well as regulatory liaison and negotiation. He has a particular interest in providing water related consultancy services to the brewing, distilling and associated industries.

Envireau Water is a water resources consultancy specialising in natural water systems. We are the UK’s leading independent consultancy specialising in development, management and regulation of independent water supplies.

Water is a vital raw ingredient in the brewing, distilling and maltings process. We understand the importance of the quality, consistency and reliability of the raw water “source”. Our knowledge is built from over 30 years’ experience working with brewers, distillers, maltsters and other industries in the food and drink sector.

Whether you wish to develop a new borehole supply, want to manage an existing one more effectively or have a water quality or regulatory issue, Envireau Water can help. We can help you to reduce water costs, maximise water efficiency, ensure water security and water quality, and solve abstraction licensing and other regulatory problems. We have a track record of finding the solution where others fail.