Advanced beer cooling technology

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Remote Coolers – taken for granted that they will efficiently deliver the valuable cargo of ale, lager, cider and stout to our taps at the bar at the perfect temperature. But very few new-to-trade or established publicans appreciate just what is going on inside what is the most valuable and essential asset within the cellar walls, or indeed what their running costs are.

This brief talk aims to shed some light on what is going on within the cooling system and what the true costs to you, the operator are. We shall also look at what new technology is emerging and how you can cut your running costs without compromising on quality or waste. Cornelius Beverage Technologies are at the forefront of beer cooling advances and world leaders in innovative design of equipment from taps and fonts, to coolers and pumps. We are proud to be at BevExpo 2016 to launch a new and very exciting product, the ecoFLO Smart Pump. Revolutionary in design, the ecoFLO Smart Pump constantly monitors demand at the bar, and adjusts its speed accordingly – slowly keeping your beer lines cold at slack times and during closed hours, yet increasing to full power when its busy. Along with many other benefits, primarily this has proved in field tests to save the operator 40% on their cooler running costs. Being a simple swap for your old, standard pump, you can change over and enjoy the cost savings immediately, without the need to change your cooler!

Seminar Area 2

Wednesday 15th June 2016


Geoff Tutt, Key Account Manager

Cornelius Beverage Technologies